Pre and PostOp Treatment & Rehab

The goal of post-operative treatment and rehabilitation is to restore the patients function following surgery, decrease pain and accelerate recovery. This will help the tissue heal and minimise scarring of the soft tissue structures.

Rehabilitation and treatment need to be administered carefully so normal movement, strength, and control of the involved limb are restored. Prehabilitation can also enhance the rehabilitation process, even before the surgery has begun.

Our practitioners at Proactive Health & Sports have the training and clinical experience to ensure optimal recovery. We work closely with the surgeons to get the best results by using specific protocols. The Game Ready® is a tool favoured by orthopedic surgeons in the initial stages of treatment. The path to recovery begins slowly. Our practitioners understand the frustration encountered during the recovery process. That is why home exercises are prescribed to ensure that the recovery process is continuing, so the feelings of frustration can be minimised. Education is also an important part of the recovery process, as we equip our patients with pain management techniques they can utilise at home.

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