Cycling is a highly recommended physical activity by Chiropractors and across the Inner West we’re spoiled for choice. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced cyclist or brand new to riding, there’s a cycling route in the inner west for everyone of all levels. It’s a great way of discovering new places in your neighbourhood, connecting to nature or just enjoying the scenery. Bring the kids along, pack snacks and remember to stay hydrated. 

Here are our four top cycling routes in the Inner West.

  1. Round the Bays Road | For a scenic inner west experience

Highly recommended by our local Chiros in Drummoyne – a 21km loop around the bays of Rodd Point Abotsford, Rozelle and Drummoyne. We suggest starting & finishing the route on Norton St, Leichhardt. This route includes residential streets and shared pathways that allows you to enjoy fresh crisp air along the bays. 

  1. Tour de Balmain and Chriswick 

This cycling route offers you a fabulous tour of the streets of Balmain and Chriswick. From coffee shops to home decor and even trendy fashion shops, the route has it all covered. You can take a break, run your weekly errands, treat yourself to some pastries and enjoy all the deliciousness in between that the suburb has to offer. You can start & finish the route at Norton St, Leichhardt with ease and grace. 

  1. Spring Cycle Rides | If you want to venture in or around Five Dock

The iconic Spring Cycle route has been running around since 1984. If you like to stay local, our local Sport Chiro recommends taking a short cut route starting at Jubilee Park and ending at Canada Bay. You will experience some residential, parklands and bay views. The combination of all three gives you more variety to discover some new shops, connect with nature and stop to take a break by the water. 

  1. Rozelle Drummoyne Route | If you love a Drummoyne backdrop

Another favourite local cycle journey is the Rozelle Drummoyne route. We recommend starting at the Sydney Fish Market and making your way through Rozelle and Drummoyne. This is a short but sweet ride for a family day out. Pack a picnic for this one our Chiro recommends stopping by Brett Park to get your daily dose of vitamin D.