At Proactive Health & Sports, we believe that everyone needs to have a fundamental level of strength. Pain typically occurs when muscles are dysfunctional. This dysfunction then causes a compensatory response, which can lead to the surrounding musculature ‘picking up the slack’ and becoming painful. Alternatively, the surrounding musculature of a joint can lack fundamental strength and pain can occur by the joint being overloaded.

Rehabilitation and corrective exercises aim to restore proper function and motor control to the muscles, strengthening the soft tissue structures supporting your spine and extremities. Whether you are suffering from a major or minor injury, rehabilitation can be implemented to improve your pain and strength. Exercise programs may include a mixture of:
  • Resistance training
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Plyometrics
Each exercise program is individually tailored to your current capabilities and needs. When milestones are met the program will progress, challenging the tissues so recovery can continue to improve and the strength gained will have a lasting effect.

Our practitioners work closely with personal trainers and exercise physiologists. Involving them in the process allows a collaborative environment, guaranteeing you receive the best care possible.

In addition to working closely with other allied health professionals such as personal trainers and exercise physiologists, it is our philosophy that all patients should be actively involved in their strengthening, recovery, and rehabilitation. Home-based exercises are prescribed so the recovery process can continue outside of the treatment room. Exercises are chosen to specifically address your current dysfunction with the equipment available to you. This creates a results-driven attitude that accelerates healing and promotes healthy living. Our Sydney practitioners are experienced in a range of injuries and can help you today.