Dry Needling

ProActive Health and Sports in Sydney are Dry Needling professionals. Dry needling is a soft tissue technique, performed by various professions globally. It involves the insertion of thin needles to target myofascial trigger points within skeletal muscle and fascia.

Myofascial trigger points are discrete, irritable points in skeletal muscles that can cause pain, tenderness and can sometimes radiate. Myofascial trigger points can occur from acute injury or repetitive use. When a tissue is injured the affected muscle contracts to protect itself, which can restrict movement and limit mobility. This can lead to the incorrect use of the muscle and micro-tears forming within the muscle. The body naturally tries to repair these tears with scar tissue, forming a myofascial trigger point that can lead to the muscle being in a state of dysfunction.

The technique utilises very thin, solid filament needles that are inserted into these trigger points that elicit a twitch response. The result of the twitch response is the relaxation of the affected muscle. Essentially dry needling aims to ‘deactivate’ myofascial trigger points within the tissue. Dry needling also creates a local inflammatory response, which is essential for the healing process

Dry needling isn’t acupuncture. The effective use of dry needling is implemented after a thorough examination of the neuromusculoskeletal system. The decision to needle is based on identifying a clear clinical relationship between the myofascial trigger point and the patient’s pain experience. Speak to one of our Sydney Dry Needling experts today and book your consultation.