Sports Injury Management

Sports Injury Management is the specialised care of sports injuries. Typically, sports injuries can occur when high load activities are imposed on the body, such as maximal velocity sprinting or lifting maximal weights at the gym. Further study and continued professional development is usually required to be proficient in managing sports injuries.

At Proactive Health and Sports, our practitioners are well equipped to help you manage your sport injuries. All of our team has undergone further study and continued professional development to ensure that they are up to date in the latest sports medicine treatment and rehabilitation methods.

We take the time to understand how your sports injury occurred so that we may formulate a clear and concise diagnosis and rehabilitation plan. This is all to ensure that the road to recovery is efficient and smooth, so that you may begin to play the sport that you love. Part of the rehabilitation plan is to strategise how to reduce the risk of re-injuring yourself after you have recovered. We achieve this with a detailed return to sport plan, as evidence has shown that the risk of re-injury is high when return to sport happens too quickly and is poorly managed.

We use a variety of methods to achieve the end goal of recovery. These methods include mobilisations, soft tissue techniques (massage), dry needlingstrength & conditioning, trigger point therapy, manipulation, cryotherapy, rehabilitationprehabilitation, strapping and neuromusculoskeletal activation.

We believe the best approach to treating any individual for a sports injury is through a multi-disciplinary approach. Utilising other healthcare professionals and sporting personnel can provide the best outcome for you, the patient.