Prehabilitation is the process of increasing the body’s fundamental strength, to prevent an injury occurring. In order for the process to be successful, the physical requirements of activity need to be understood. It can be anything from a sporting event to walking.

Prehabilitation is used by the majority of today’s elite athletes. It has shown a dramatic decrease in injury while increasing performance.

Because there is no pain or injury, a full body assessment is used to identify areas for poor muscle activation, muscle control, movement patterns, and strength deficits. It takes into account a person’s posture, asymmetries, joint mobility, and flexibility. An individualised exercise program is implemented, targeting areas to improve strength, mobility, and sports specific exercises if necessary.

Prehabilitation can also be applied to pre-operative patients as it can greatly reduce rehabilitation time postop.
Studies have shown; a greater percentage of strength gained, lower pain levels, rapid improvement, shorter recovery time and a rapid return to regular activity when a prehabilitation program is used or pre-op.

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